Northeastern Thailand

For people that want a different view of life in Thailand, Khon Kaen should be their destination. This city sits atop the Khorat Plateau and...


Southwest Thailand

The southwestern most part of Thailand lies along the Malay Peninsula. On the eastern side, it is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand and the...


Northwestern Thailand

Northern Thailand is where tourists will find the mountainous region and the city of Chiang Mai. Founded over 800 years ago, the older parts of...

A jewel along the South China Sea, Thailand ranges from the mountains to the shore. A tropical paradise, it sits at the top of the Gulf of Thailand and ranges down the Malay Peninsula. To the north, Thailand climbs until it reaches the Khorat Plateau. Still further north lies the mountainous region of Thailand. The diversity of this nation has many surprises for tourists.

This vast country is managed through its capital city of Bangkok. A flourishing metropolis, the city boasts 11 million people and busy commercial centers in the old city and the new. It is an ultra-modern city complete with its royal palaces and the largest mall in Asia. The old city boasts a large Chinatown and a maze of shops. This is a country of great contrasts and visitors are advised to stretch out their vacation time as long as possible. A trip to Thailand’s many regions offers visitors a wide range of activities and sights to see.