Northeastern Thailand

For people that want a different view of life in Thailand, Khon Kaen should be their destination. This city sits atop the Khorat Plateau and is the administrative and business center for northeastern Thailand. The city also boasts the largest university in the country. It is filled with temples and museums, but also offers a landing place for people that want to explore the far reaches of northern Thailand and its border with Laos.

While isolated in the region, it is easy to reach from the capital of Bangkok. The country has its own internal rail system for travelers. Buses are also available and several leave the capital for Khon Kaen every day. It can also be reached by car. The average time on the highway is just over 7 hours. It does not have an international airport, so visitors must enter the country by air in the capital or one of the other 5 international airports within Thailand. There are flights between Bangkok and Khon Kaen on a daily basis.

The northern region is home to the silk industry. A wide variety of silk in local patterns is a large part of the attraction to visit this area. Sala Mai Thai is a center that provides visitors with a look at the process of making beautiful silk. It takes the visitor through the processes of dying and weaving silk. On display are the tools used to make silk cloth.

For those that love wildlife, Tortoise Village is a place to stop. The village is in the countryside, about 80 kilometers outside the city. The villagers have made the local tortoises into pets, and care for all of them as a group. Food is one more reason to visit Khon Kaen. They have their own version of the Night Walk Market where vendors are proud to serve authentic Thai foods.